Considering Air Duct Cleaning? We Don’t Recommend It.

Considering Air Duct Cleaning? We Don’t Recommend It.

If you’re considering an air ducting cleaning, think again. Read why we don’t recommend air duct cleaning and what Clearwater homeowners can do to prevent dirty ductwork instead.

Here in Clearwater, Florida, our residents know a thing or two about seasonal allergies. In the fall, Florida allergens are commonly caused by pollen, ragweed plants and mold spores in the air that last well into November.

You may be considering air duct cleaning if you or someone in your household suffers from allergies. Or if health isn’t the concern—you may just be intrigued by the idea of having clean air ducts throughout your home.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), however, air duct cleaning has never been shown to actually prevent health problems or effectively remove dust and dirt from your ductwork. Instead, air duct cleaning could cause more harm than good.

So, why do some local AC companies offer duct cleaning services? How can you get rid of unwanted allergens and pollutants in your home and HVAC system?

Read on to learn why we don’t recommend air duct cleaning and what Tampa Bay homeowners can do to prevent dirty ductwork instead.


What is Air Duct Cleaning?

The idea of air duct cleaning is often marketed by local AC companies or service providers as another way to prevent indoor air pollution and improve air quality. It’s grown in popularity over the years as a way to boost your health and well-being inside your home, especially if you struggle with allergies or asthma.

Air duct cleaning service providers often recommend applying a chemical to the inside of your ducts to kill bacteria and prevent future mold growth. They may also propose applying a sealant to prevent dust and dirt particles from being released into the air or to seal air leaks.

According to the EPA, neither of these practices are needed on a regular basis. Instead, these should only be used for extreme measures, such as if your air ducts have excessive dust or debris, substantial mold growth or are filled with insects or rodents.

Why Should I Avoid Air Duct Cleaning?

There is no evidence that a light amount of household dust or debris in air ducts poses any risk to your health. Other pollutants from simple indoor activities—like cooking, cleaning, smoking or just moving around—can actually cause greater exposure to contaminants than dirty air ducts.

Even if your air ducts are dusty and dirty, cleaning them won’t cause measurable benefits. That’s because dust that settles in your HVAC ductwork generally stays where it is, unlikely to become airborne unless it’s disturbed. Under most circumstances, the dust is harmless and air duct cleaning could actually create bigger issues, like damaged ductwork.

How Can Ductwork Be Damaged?

Damaged ductwork is often the result of air duct cleaning, especially when done by an inexperienced contractor.

Besides stirring up unwanted dust and allergens, air duct cleanings puts your ductwork at risk of being dented, torn or unsealed from your system. When that happens, the integrity of your ductwork is compromised and can cause even worse problems for your home and health.

So why do so many AC companies or service providers recommend it? Well, we like to think it’s because you’ll take their word for it. After all, it’s not easy to access and inspect your ductwork.

If you were thinking of getting your air ducts cleaned, think again. Instead, consider working with a trustworthy AC company in Clearwater, like Air Care, to find a better solution for you and your home.

What’s an Alternative to Air Duct Cleaning?

Research suggests that servicing and cleaning your HVAC system components improves the overall efficiency of your system, resulting in a longer operating life and lower cooling costs. This includes maintaining and cleaning your AC unit’s:

      • Evaporator coils
      • Drain line
      • Drip pan
      • Fan blade
      • Fan motor
      • Heat exchanger
      • Outside condenser unit

While some of these listed above are easy DIY AC tasks, others are more challenging and require the assistance of a trained and licensed AC technician. At Air Care, this service is part of our bi-annual maintenance program.

Contact us today to schedule an AC tune-up, service or repair.

How Can I Prevent Duct Contamination?

Instead of having the air ducts in your home cleaned, commit to preventive HVAC maintenance. At Air Care, that means servicing your HVAC system twice a year to ensure all of your AC components are working properly.

In addition to a bi-annual tune-up, Air Care and the EPA recommend a few simple ways to prevent duct contamination:

      • Always have an air filter in place so particles cannot bypass into your HVAC system and ductwork.
      • Use the highest efficiency air filter recommended by your heating and cooling system manufacturer.
      • Change your filters regularly.
      • If your filters become clogged, change them more frequently.
      • Vacuum and dust your home often to prevent excess airborne particles.
      • When having your HVAC system maintained, inspected or serviced, ensure the AC technician cleans your evaporator coils, drain lines and drip pans.
      • If you are doing renovation work in your home, seal off the supply and return air vents and do not operate your system until you clean up the dust.

Contact us today to schedule AC maintenance, request a consultation or get advice from our experienced staff.

Trust Air Care for All Your AC Needs

If you want your AC to work efficiently all year long, then maintenance and repairs are key to keep your Florida home heating and cooling system running.

Our technicians at Air Care are trained and licensed to work on all AC systems and brands, and we know what it takes to achieve clean indoor air, a comfortable home and rooms, and top customer service.

“I know that calling Air Care will be the best choice I can make for the maintenance of my air conditioner. They are always reliable, friendly and efficient when they are dealing with AC repairs. I will always use them for future repairs and replacements.” – Passell of Seminole, FL

We service HVAC systems across Pinellas, southern Pasco and western Hillsborough counties. Contact us today for all of your AC needs.



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