Should You Clean Your AC Outside Unit?

The answer depends what you mean by “clean.” We do recommend that you regularly remove leaves, branches, and other loose debris from the top of unit as well as from around the unit. In addition, if you live in Florida you probably constantly have new weeds or plants or small palm trees growing around your yard. We encourage you to trim back anything that is growing right around the outside AC unit.

When to Clean Your Outside AC Unit?

Homeowners should try to remember to clean debris that may be sitting on top of their outside after the afternoon thunderstorms in the summer (and of course after Tropical Storm and Hurricane activity). In addition, if you hire a company to clean your roof and/or gutters you may want to confirm that they did not unintentionally push debris on to the top of your AC unit during their cleaning / maintenance work.

Some customers ask us if they should spray their outside unit with a garden hose. Please don’t spray your outside HVAC unit with a water hose because the water pressure can potentially bend the fins which surround / encircle the condenser coil. In lieu of water pressure, you might consider purchasing “Air Conditioner Foaming Coil Cleaner” from your local big box home improvement store. However, our biggest recommendation is for you to just let the professionals, such as Air Care, handle your on-going bi-annual AC unit maintenance. Contact Air Care today to schedule an appointment.

Air Care has performed fantastic maintenance on my AC equipment for years. Keep up the good work for years to come. As long as you do, you’ll have my AC maintenance and repair business.
– Robert G.

I know that calling Air Care will be the best choice I can make for the maintenance of my air conditioner. They are always reliable, friendly and efficient when they are dealing with AC repairs.
– Passell