Why Claims for “Free Air Handlers” (And Other AC Equipment) Aren’t Really Free

Why Claims for “Free Air Handlers” (And Other AC Equipment) Aren’t Really Free

Have you ever received a marketing mailer or email from a local HVAC company offering “free” air conditioning (AC) equipment, like air handlers, as part of an installation or service?

It’s not uncommon for some Florida AC companies — especially around holiday shopping season and Black Friday sales — to make offers for “free” HVAC equipment to win your business. That’s because they aren’t losing out on any money, and you’re usually not saving anything either. Instead, you’re likely getting charged twice as much for another AC service or piece of HVAC equipment to cover the costs.

Today we’ll debunk free AC equipment claims, learn about transparency in the HVAC business, and understand what to look for in an AC company in Clearwater and the Tampa Bay area.

Debunking Free AC Equipment Claims

In the world of AC, it’s important to investigate claims from local AC companies who offer “free” HVAC equipment. These claims usually come with additional hidden costs and are just sales tactics to win your business.

Some HVAC companies may offer “free inspections,” “free AC advice” or “free in-home written estimates” to encourage doing business with them—and these claims are safe and okay. But if an AC company claims to offer free equipment, like “free air handlers” or “free heat pumps,” as part of an installation or service, think again. It usually means they’re charging twice as much for another piece of HVAC equipment to cover their costs.

Sometimes Clearwater residents will call our team at Air Care and ask if we will match these special offers. Instead of matching the offer, we prefer to be upfront and transparent with customers to help them understand what they are (and are not) getting for their money with “free HVAC equipment” claims.

Click on the video below to see an example of an advertisement for “free air handlers” from an AC company.


Honesty and Integrity in the AC Business

Transparency may be a buzz word in the business world, and it’s certainly true in the AC business as well.

At Air Care, we pride ourselves in being transparent with our customers regardless of the HVAC issue we’re troubleshooting. Our honest approach not only boosts our brand to new and potential Tampa Bay area customers, but it helps us attract and retain quality AC technicians to our company, too.

When AC companies make false claims and promises about their HVAC installations, repairs and maintenance, they aren’t only losing customers—they’re losing the trust of their employees. That’s why at Air Care, we treat our employees and customers with the highest respect and commit to transparent service and prices.

Our business was built on quality AC service and integrity, and we will continue to operate this way even when the competition makes false promises they can’t keep. Contact Air Care today for honest opinions and dependable HVAC service.

What Are AC Companies Offering for Free?

Air handlers are one of the most common pieces of HVAC equipment we hear companies offer for “free.”

An air handler, or air handling unit, is the indoor equipment of your air conditioning or heat pump system. Like furnaces, air handlers use a blower motor and fan to efficiently move conditioned air throughout the ductwork of your home.

There are two types of motors: variable-speed motors and single-speed motors. Variable-speed motors operate at high speeds, low speeds and anywhere in between to provide the highest level of comfort and energy efficiency. Single-speed motors operate at full capacity only, and cycle on and off as needed to maintain your set household temperature.

Click on the video below to learn more about air handlers and how they work.

At Air Care, we recommend Rheem HVAC systems and air handlers for new AC installations. Rheem air handlers are dependable and designed to exceed minimum efficiency standards, helping deliver cost savings every time it’s in use. Plus, you can count on excellent thermal and sound insulation for quiet and efficient comfort throughout your home.

Browse the entire family of Rheem high efficiency air handlers, and when you’re ready, contact our Rheem Pros at Air Care to have your air handler installed today.


Free AC Estimates and Advice with Air Care in Clearwater, Florida

You may be wondering, “If companies don’t really offer free HVAC equipment, what can I get for ‘free’ instead?”

Air Care offers free in-home written estimates on all replacement HVAC equipment, AC systems and heat pumps. We also provide free AC advice over the phone or in-person to current and potential customers in the Clearwater and Tampa Bay area.

Whether your home HVAC system needs an inspection, tune-up, repair or replacement—our team of reliable AC technicians have you covered. We service all HVAC brands and serve customers across Pinellas, western Hillsborough and southern Pasco counties.

Contact Air Care with all of your AC needs.

“I called on a Saturday afternoon and Tammy (Air Care office manager) answered the phone and was very helpful. She was able to troubleshoot my issue by just asking a few questions. She was able to dispatch a tech out in just an hour from my call. Khoi arrived with proper ID and was quick to get things up and running again. I am very happy with the service I received, and the air conditioning is working fine once again. Thank you!”


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