5 Surprising Things about Rheem HVAC Systems

5 Surprising Things about Rheem HVAC Systems

You usually don’t think too much about your air conditioner until it stops working or you need to replace it. The worst is when your AC system breaks down during our hot and humid summers in Clearwater, Florida.

When that happens, our HVAC experts at Air Care recommend Rheem HVAC systems for new AC installations. We’re proud a Rheem Pro Partner—which means our AC technicians are specially trained to service all new installs, repairs and maintenance for Rheem HVAC equipment.

Want to learn more about Rheem HVAC systems? Today, we’ll share five surprising things you may not know about this top HVAC manufacturing company to help you make the best decision on your next AC purchase.

1. The Rheem Brand is Nearly 100 Years Old

In 1925, brothers Richard and Donald Rheem founded Rheem Manufacturing Company in Emeryville, CA. They first started making water heating systems, and in the 1950s, the company expanded into producing air conditioning and HVAC systems.

In its nearly 100 years of operation and 70 years in manufacturing HVAC equipment, Rheem is currently the only manufacturer in the world that produces heating, cooling, water heating, pool and spa heating, and commercial refrigeration products. It’s also the largest manufacturer of water heating products in North America.

Rheem currently produces 11 central air conditioners, ranging from a SEER rating of 20.5 to its base model’s rating of 13. Overall, Rheem air conditioners earn high marks for:

  • Copeland scroll compressors, the best in the HVAC industry
  • SEER ratings up to 20.5
  • Durable construction that withstands tough weather conditions
  • Premium Rheem models that are compatible with EcoNet technology, an app that helps you control your system while at home or away

Today, Rheem is owned by The Paloma Group, which also makes Ruud HVAC systems and a global family of brands. Learn more about Rheem, and watch a short company history video below.

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2. Ranked One of the Best HVAC Companies of 2022

According to U.S. News & World Report, Rheem made the list for one of the Best HVAC Companies of 2022.

Each year, the media outlet compares popular HVAC companies and ranks brands by heating and cooling capabilities, Energy Star efficiency, SEER ratings, sound ratings, reviews from both homeowners and professionals, and more.

Review details include: “Rheem manufactures budget-friendly HVAC equipment that’s both durable and, in some cases, compatible with its app and voice-activating technologies like Alexa. Professional reviewers praise the company for the quality at it’s price point.”

Read more on Rheem ratings and review, and contact Air Care to inquire about Rheem HVAC systems and new installations.

3. One of the Best AC Warranties in the Business

Rheem products are built to last, but even the best products are affected by our warm and muggy weather across the Tampa Bay area. Fortunately, Rheem backs their HVAC equipment with one of the best warranties in the business. If you need a new AC part or replacement part, then check your Rheem warranty – it may be covered.

Most Rheem air conditioners come with a 10-year limited warranty on parts and labor, including the compressor, if you register your product within 60 days of purchase. (Some base models come with only a five-year limited parts warranty.)

Below is a list of Rheem warranty information and user manuals for each AC equipment series. Please refer to each series manual and documentation for specifics on use, care and warranty coverage:

For more information on Rheem warranties and coverage, read our blog post here or visit Rheem.com.

If you have questions about Rheem product coverage—or would like advice on which Rheem HVAC series is right for your home—contact our team at Air Care.

4. Rheem HVAC Systems – Tested in Hot and Humid Florida Weather Conditions

The Tampa Bay area is known for its tough weather conditions and salty air across St. Petersburg and Clearwater beaches.

One of Rheem’s key differentiators from other HVAC systems is in its SEET (systems extreme environmental testing), which goes beyond industry requirements to create extreme scenarios for AC products to perform under, including:

  1. Thousands of hours of extreme environmental testing, including salt spray, rain, snow, freezing rain and temperatures between -20°F and 130°F
  2. Extensive field testing from Florida to Alaska, which not only ensures optimal performance, but also provides ongoing research for more innovative HVAC solutions
  3. Third-party testing, which allows Rheem to mimic five years of the harshest weather conditions in just 16 weeks
  4. Vibration testing (to protect AC systems during transportation and shipping)

Watch the video below for a glimpse of Rheem’s extreme weather testing.

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5. Rheem Trains Top HVAC Technicians as Pro Partners

Rheem HVAC Systems InstallerAir Care is recognized as a Rheem Pro Partner, which means our AC technicians are thoroughly trained, evaluated and kept accountable on Rheem HVAC products, installations, repairs and service maintenance.

Rheem earns the trust of AC contractors everywhere, because companies like Air Care know their AC systems are high quality, dependable and durable. That’s why Rheem focuses on:

  • Building Trust — 94% of AC contractors say Rheem Manufacturing Products are high quality
  • Satisfaction — 99% of AC contractors who installed Rheem are glad they did
  • Reliability — More than 90% of AC contractors say Rheem is easy to install and maintain
  • Training — Rheem invests in exclusive AC training resources and state-of-the-art Innovation Learning Centers to ensure proper installation and reliability by Rheem Pro Partners and contractors

All of our Air Care technicians are licensed and EPA certified, and we offer reliable and professional service to achieve a high rating each year from our real, verified customers.

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Ready to Install a Rheem AC System? Trust Our Clearwater AC Technicians Near You

If you’re interested in repairing or installing a new Rheem AC system, trust a Rheem Pro Partner like Air Care to replace, repair and maintain your system over its lifetime.

Backed by over three decades of experience in the industry, Air Care focuses on delivering long-term comfort and top customer service to our Clearwater and Tampa Bay area customers.

We train our AC technicians to properly install, repair and maintain all HVAC brands—including Rheem—with the highest of standards. We also serve Pinellas, western Hillsborough and southern Pasco counties.

Be sure to read AC company reviews, too.

“Dunedin is an amazing town one the Gulf Coast of Florida, and while it is beautiful here, having a working air conditioner is a must. When my air conditioner broke this summer, I got the number for Air Care from a friend who uses them, and I have to say that their service is amazing. I was able to finance a new AC installation through them, which is convenient, and their whole staff was very nice and helpful about the problem I was having. They did an awesome job! Thank you.” — Melissa D. of Dunedin, FL

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