Top Signs Your Trinity, Florida Home Needs AC Repair

Trinity, Florida is a fast-growing upscale community in West Pasco County, just north of the Pinellas and Hillsborough County borders. Currently considered part of the New Port Richey area, it’s an optimal tri-county location for commuters and families who desire to live outside the city.

Like other towns and cities across the Tampa Bay area, Trinity isn’t immune to the local heat and humidity. So, when your home air conditioning (AC) breaks down in the middle of summer, it’s important to know who to call in your time of need.

That’s where Air Care steps in. Our AC technicians can quickly respond to your requests to service, repair or replace your HVAC system, and we’re always here to answer your AC questions and offer AC advice whenever you need it.

In this blog post, we’ll share the top five signs your AC system needs repair as it begins to heat up this summer season in Trinity and Tampa Bay.


Warm Air Blowing Inside House

Do you feel cool and comfortable inside your home, even when it’s hot and humid outside? If your answer is “no,” then you may need AC repair or service.

One of the first signs your Trinity home needs AC repair is if warm air is blowing from your vents. Warm indoor air usually points to a problem, which could be caused by a broken air compressor, frozen evaporator coils or a HVAC system that’s low on refrigerant.

During an inspection with Air Care, an experienced AC technician will inspect your HVAC equipment, locate any issues, and recommend the best solution for repair.

Contact Air Care to schedule a home service appointment.


AC Unit Constantly Running

During our Florida summer, when it’s hotter and humid outside, you may notice your AC system cycling on and off more often to cool your home. This isn’t necessarily a problem if your indoor home temperature feels cool and comfortable.

However, there are few red flags to look for that may cause concern:

  • Your AC unit never stops running (literally)
  • The set thermostat temperature is never reached
  • You never feel cool and comfortable inside your home

If you can relate to any of the above, there’s usually a reason your AC isn’t functioning properly. It could be anything from a clogged air filter or system that’s low on refrigerant to a broken motor, dirty condenser coil, frozen evaporator coil, undersized AC unit, and more.

Whatever it is, our HVAC technicians at Air Care will help diagnose and fix your AC issue. Schedule an AC system tune-up today.


AC Makes Loud or Unusual Noises

Does your HVAC system make loud or unusual noises when it’s turned “ON?”

While never completely quiet, modern AC units should make little noise when operating, especially our top AC recommendation: Rheem HVAC systems.

If you hear strange, unfamiliar sounds coming from your HVAC equipment, it’s usually a sign it’s time to repair or replace your system. Common AC noises you shouldn’t ignore include:

  • Banging
  • Rattling
  • Screeching
  • Clicking
  • Buzzing
  • Humming
  • Hissing
  • Bubbling
  • Whistling

These unusual AC sounds can mean a number of things, so it’s important to contact a certified and experienced HVAC technician to inspect and fix the issue—especially since many AC problems involve electrical components, which can pose a danger to your safety.

Contact Air Care to schedule an appointment today.


Moisture Around Air Vents or AC Unit

If you’ve lived in the Trinity or Tampa Bay area for some time, you know the weather is typically warm and humid late spring through early fall. Because of this, you will sometimes see natural amounts of condensation around your indoor AC equipment or air vents, which then evaporates without causing any problems.

However, if the condensation lingers—or you notice excess water in the condensate drain pan, around your vents or HVAC unit—you may have a leak. AC leaks can create stains on your ceiling or floor, or even allow mold to grow inside your vents and spread throughout your house.

The two most common reasons for excess moisture are AC drain or ductwork issues:

  • AC Drainage Problems: The evaporator is one of the most important parts of your HVAC system. In tandem with the AC fan blades, it helps to cool the air circulating in your home and remove any moisture. If your evaporator coils or fan blades stop working, moisture may form pools and cause leaks around your air vents or the AC unit itself. When that happens, it’s usually time to have your evaporator coils or fan blades replaced.
  • AC Ductwork Problems: If you notice stains or water damage on your ceiling, condensation may be pooling directly above the spot in your AC ductwork. Old ducts can develop cracks, holes or rust that trigger leaks or even sag, causing the condensation to pool in one place. If this happens, you may need to have your ducts sealed, upgraded or replaced.

Contact Air Care to schedule an inspection of your evaporator coils, fan blades and ductwork.


High Energy Bills

It’s completely normal for your utility bills to be higher during the hottest times of the year—especially in Florida. In fact, the average outdoor temperature and across the Tampa Bay area is 86°F between early May and October, with an average high of 90°F and low of 76°F in the hottest months of June, July and August.

Summer usually sparks a spike in electricity costs nationwide. That’s because AC systems are likely running more often to combat the summer heat and, for families, keep kids comfortable now that they’re out of school in the summer.

If your energy bill is significantly higher than normal for this time of year, it may be time for AC repair.

Contact Air Care to schedule an AC inspection today, and read our blog article, Top 10 Ways To Cool Your Home And Keep AC Costs Down, for easy tips for cooling down your home.


Need More AC Advice? Ask an AC Professional in Clearwater Today!

If you have AC questions or need advice about your HVAC system, our team at Air Care is here to help.

As a local AC company for more than 30 years, Air Care serves Pinellas, western Hillsborough and southern Pasco county houses, townhomes, condos, apartments, and small businesses. We pride ourselves in providing top service to our AC customers—resulting in countless customer reviews, high ratings and a Rheem Pro Partner status.

Call Air Care at 727-449-2699 to feel cool and comfortable inside your home this summer.

“I was going to buy an entire new AC unit, and Larry recommended I simply find the problem and get that fixed, which he then promptly found. Instead of paying for a new AC unit, Air Care replaced the coil and lines. They checked over everything, were super quiet while doing so, and did not leave big mess. They came back a week later and adjusted the amount of Freon, and the unit is working like new. Would recommend them anywhere. The key word I would use with Air-Care is: Competent. Thank you, Larry, Khoi and Tammy!” — Zeb of Clearwater, Florida

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