Why It’s Important to Service Your AC System Twice Per Year

In Florida air conditioning is essential. Consequently, you want to be sure that your central HVAC system is working properly so you don’t get left in the FL heat without it. AC systems can stop working without service every so often especially if you use it every day, such as in Florida. If your AC system is older or if you use it daily (which would be almost everyone with an AC system in the Tampa Bay metro area) you should do a tune up on your AC system twice per year. (for each AC system at your house, townhome, or condo)

HVAC professionals can keep your system clean and functioning while catching potential future problems early. Spring and fall are ideal times to do preventive maintenance work on your AC system. It’s also important to note that cleaning or replacing your AC filters can greatly improve the efficiency as well as the life expectancy of your system. Every year your AC unit goes without a check it loses on average 5% of its operating power, which can cost you comfort and money.

Concerning money, a yearly set of maintenance checks can also save you 15% on your monthly energy bill as your cleaner unit will be working more efficiently. A well maintained or properly repaired air conditioner system is less expensive than buying a brand new HVAC system. The old saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” definitely applies to maintaining air conditioning systems in Clearwater and the greater Tampa / St. Petersburg metro area.

What Florida Homeowners Can Do Themselves

As a homeowner you play an important role, and there are some regular maintenance activities that you can safely complete. (as long as you are careful).

  • Replace your air filter(s) if dirty
  • Clean around the outside AC unit in a two-foot radius and clear debris and weeds / shrubs. You should regularly remove leaves and branches from around the outside unit. In addition, you should cut back any trees, plants, or weeds growing next to the AC unit.
  • Confirm that your thermostat is working properly and is away from any heaters or hot light bulbs.
  • Every now and then check your outside drain line to confirm that there are no clogs. You can use a wire brush along with bleach to clear any grime at the end of the drain line.
  • Do not spray your outside unit with a hose. (common homeowner mistake)

What a Professional AC Company Would / Should Do

This list below is what you can expect when you have a certified HVAC professional do an AC system tune up.

  • Check and clean burners
  • Inspect filters (clean or replace if needed)
  • Check carbon monoxide levels
  • Check contactors and relays for wear
  • Adjust refrigerant levels
  • Inspect pressure and temperature
  • Inspect safety devices and controls
  • Test emergency shut-offs
  • Inspect ductwork
  • Flush and clean drain line and trap
  • Inspect heat exchanger for leaks and cracks
  • Tighten electrical connections

How to Get a Coupon or Special Offer for Preventative AC Maintenance Service?

Although many Clearwater AC companies offer “bait and switch” coupons for AC service calls, Air Care does not engage in “bait-and-switch” sales tactics to attract new customers. We do offer coupons and special offers to existing customers. So if you would like to qualify for a future customer special or coupon, then you will need to become our customer first!

Our prices even without coupons or discounts are very reasonable given our professionalism and experience. Our list price for a system checkup / tuneup is $69.50 per unit (some larger homes in the Tampa Bay metro area have 2 or more HVAC systems). Remember that we regularly mail postcards to our current customers with special offers on future HVAC tune ups / preventative AC maintenance service.

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Please note that we do recommend bi-annual maintenance on residential AC systems so your annual investment for preventative AC maintenance service would be $139.00 per HVAC unit. (if you make the wise decision and choose to hire Air Care as prices vary across Tampa Bay depending on the AC company).

If you find that the air in your home isn’t circulating, your AC system is making weird noises or just doesn’t work at all, then please call us to request a service call. Air Care can repair any HVAC system including: Rheem, Carrier, Trane, Goodman, Bryant, York, and Lenox. We would be more than happy to assist you and get your AC system running efficiently. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment to service your AC unit (for either a service call / repair or a tune up), then feel free to contact us at 727-449-2699. We proudly service homeowners throughout all of Pinellas County, southern Pasco County, and western Hillsborough County. If you are not sure that you are in our service area, please call us.

Featured Air Care Customer Review

“Air Care has always been prompt. They always call to let the customer know that the AC repair technician is on the way. All my questions are always answered in a way a “homeowner” can understand, and their honesty is refreshing.”
– Shannon C.